About Mary Shafer


She’s one of those people who can brighten a room with her smile. But when Mary Shafer starts to sing, that’s when the real fun begins. Whatever the event, if she’s out front with a microphone, success is sure to follow.


Mary loves to entertain and has always opened herself to all genres of music. This has given her a tremendous amount experience with wide variety of events. She has done it all and excelled, whether performing solo, all the way to fronting full symphony orchestras. Whether your wish is for standards, big band, ’50s and ’60s, classic rock, right up to the music of today, Mary’s voice and her appearance are perfectly suited to exceed expectations.


Mary has performed many events in theaters, supper clubs, auditoriums, arenas, theme parks, conventions, festivals, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels and even a few backyards! She knows how to use your venue to create just the right atmosphere because she has experience with them all. The musicians that perform with Mary are always top-notch. The products they deliver are enthusiasm, entertainment and talent! Her band Uptown has built its reputation upon years and years of not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of each and every client.


Mary does not believe a gig is about her. She believes it is about YOU. Whether you’re an event planner, a client or an audience member she understands she is there for you. She believes in being punctual, personable and professional – not just during her performance, but from the moment she arrives, while loading in and out, and even on her breaks! She is a perfectionist when it comes to sound quality, volume and personal appearance. She knows that the attitude and enthusiasm that can make or break an event starts on stage and is projected out to those in attendance. The right attitude and enthusiasm will transform a gathering into a memorable event for all who were there.

If you are looking for a enjoyable, stress-free experience with the entertainment portion of your event, you need an entertainer who is versatile, experienced and reliable. And if you want your event to stand out from the rest, and have audience members thirsty for more, you need to look no further than Mary Shafer!

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